Measuring tear osmolarity to determine Dry Eye severity

Testing tear quality is painless, simple, and quick.

Assessing Tear Quality
Your tears need a certain amount of salt to remain healthy and stable. The salt content in your tears is referred to as osmolarity. At Dry Eye Institutes of America™ we use the TearLab test to accurately measure your tear osmolarity.

The TearLab test involves testing a tiny tear sample in each eye using a special device. This generates a number for each eye. The highest number of each eye’s test gives your doctor your Osmolarity Number. That number provides a meaningful assessment of your tear film’s stability and health that allows your doctor to form a more precise diagnosis. The test is painless, simple, and quick. Tear osmolarity is widely considered to be the best assessment for diagnosing Dry Eye Disease.

Accredited Dry Eye Center_NobgrdDry Eye Institutes of America™ is an accredited TearLab Dry Eye Center, recognized for our commitment to providing the highest level of patient care, using the most advanced diagnostic technology to improve the treatment and management of Dry Eye Disease.