Sjogren’s Syndrome: Where Dry Eyes is a Fact of Life

Sjogren’s Syndrome is a chronic autoimmune disease that has been estimated to affect between one-half to 3 percent of the world’s population. In America alone, 4 million people or more live with this disease, and chronic dry eyes is among its hallmark symptoms. Sjogren’s can occur at any age, but is … Read More

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Can Menopause Cause Dry Eyes?

The onset of menopause is inevitable for every woman at some point, along with the moodiness, hot flashes and night sweats that comes with it. Menopause means the hormones are out of balance. And when the hormones are out of balance it can cause another type of discomfort: dry eyes. Read More

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Dry Eyes and Eye Makeup

Did you know that eye makeup can aggravate dry eye symptoms? Considering that women are more prone to dry eye disease, and most women wear eye makeup every day, what do you do? It's really a matter of what type and how you apply eye makeup that can make the difference. Makeup can be a hassle. If you suffer from dry eyes, we’ve included a few tips here that can help you keep it from being a downright irritation. Literally. Read More

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Raising Awareness About Ocular Allergy Testing

The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) appropriately singles out May as Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month. According to the AAFA, there are more than 50 million allergy sufferers in America. May can be a bad month for certain allergens like grass pollen in many parts of the country. And summer's on its way with a host its own allergens. During this month of awareness, if your allergy symptoms are especially bothersome in your eyes we’d like to raise our own awareness about ocular (eye) allergy testing. Read More

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Special LipiFlow Rebate Program

LipiFlow is an amazing medical device designed for treating Evaporative Dry Eye, the most common type of Dry Eye Disease caused when your tears unnaturally evaporate due to inflammation of your meibomian glands. With minimal or no discomfort, LipiFlow applies gentle pressure and controlled warmth to unclog the blocked glands and help prevent … Read More

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