Dry Eye Diagnosis

Dry Eye Disease can be complex and confusing to diagnose. At Dry Eye Institutes of America™ our specialty knowledge and sophisticated technology minimizes these challenges in several ways.

Treatment page photoUnderstanding Your Condition
Our doctors take the time to consult with you on a personal level to get to know you better. We review your medical and eye health history. If you’ve been treated for Dry Eyes previously, we evaluate the results. Most of all, we want to completely understand what you’re going through, and how your symptoms are affecting your daily life. This provides valuable information to correctly diagnose your Dry Eye severity and order the best possible treatment.

Our doctors can draw from a variety of diagnostic tests, technologies, and methods. The extent of what’s required can depend on your doctor’s evaluation. This includes your health, prescription medications, age, and other factors like what type of work you do. Our diagnostics coincide with our own carefully designed treatment regimen we apply to your specific condition.

Assessing Tear Quality  Learn MoreAccredited Dry Eye Center_Nobgrd
At Dry Eye Institutes of America™ we use the TearLab test to accurately measure your tear osmolarity. This is related to the level of salt content in your tears that determines tear health and stability.

Allergy TestingAllergy Testing  Learn More
Itchy, irritated eyes are among the most common symptoms of Dry Eye Disease. However, these are also common to ocular (eye) allergies. Knowing exactly where the root cause lies is crucial to your diagnosis and treatment.

LipiView_DEIA WebsiteLipiView  Learn More
LipiView is a diagnostic device to determine the extent of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) which is linked to Evaporative Dry Eye, the most common type of Dry Eye Disease.

Other Diagnostics 
Examples of additional diagnostics we may perform include corneal topography, visual acuity, and Sjogren’s Syndrome testing. Whatever your doctor orders relates to your specific condition, as well as our own carefully designed treatment plan. Regardless, your doctor will only order what is necessary, thoroughly ensure your comfort, and keep you fully informed throughout.