Our Doctors

Dry Eye Institutes of America™ is led by respected doctors with a proven background in diagnosing and treating Dry Eye Disease. In addition, we are growing a network of certified Dry Eye Institutes of America™ specialists selected for their integrity, credentials, and patient-focused reputation.

Phillips Kirk Labor, MD, FACS, FICS
Founder, Dry Eye Institutes of America

Dr. Labor is considered among the most innovative eye surgeons in the U.S. with a reputation that stretches abroad. Seeing a lack of specialized focus on Dry Eye Disease, he founded Dry Eye Institutes of America to help patients enjoy a more symptom-free lifestyle, as well as develop sharper vision to enhance productivity. He is also the founder of Eye Consultants of Texas, a leading Dallas/Fort Worth Ophthalmology practice.

Fariba Eshraghi Parmer, OD
Dry Eye Specialist, Dry Eye Institutes of America

Dr. Parmer is a Certified Dry Eye Specialist with an extensive research and clinical background. She has served as the contact lens director at Johns Hopkins Hospital’s renowned Wilmer Eye Institute, where she worked with difficult to fit contact lens patients with moderate to severe Dry Eye Disease. It was also there that Dr. Parmer completed a research fellowship studying the effects of nutrition on retinal diseases, and continues to incorporate its importance in treating eye diseases today.