Prescription Medications & Nutraceuticals

Although sometimes temporary, Dry Eye Disease is often a chronic condition with no permanent cure. If you use artificial tears regularly you may have chronic Dry Eye disease. Restasis can be effective when artificial tears aren’t enough. It is the only prescription eye drop that actually helps increase the eye’s natural ability to produce tears. Restasis is designed for patients with inflammation due to chronic Dry Eyes who aren’t using anti-inflammatory eye drops or punctal plugs. It’s different than artificial tears in that it can reduce the need for them over time with as little as two applications per day.

Other Prescription Medications
Whether orally or in the form of eye drops or ointments, other types of medications are often prescribed for moderate to severe Dry Eyes. Depending your condition, a medication may be prescribed as a stand alone or together with other treatments. For example, Mild Ophthalmic steroids and Antibiotics are used to reduce inflammation. Mucolytic drugs are used for more severe Dry Eye patients to treat for mucous discharge or when plaque is present. Autologous Serum Eye Drops are developed from a sample of your own blood and typically used for the most severe Dry Eye cases.

Nutraceuticals are any prevention or treatment related to diet or natural supplements. In addition to diet there is growing evidence to support that omega-3 supplements, or a combination of omega-3 and omega-6, can help treat Dry Eye symptoms. OmegaGenics fish oil and OmegaGenics EPA/DHA 720 are examples of what we may recommend.

Which Dry Eye Treatment Is Best? This depends on your condition and diagnosis. Our specialty doctors can pinpoint the advantages of one or more treatments related to your condition, as well as help you understand why a treatment is prescribed and how it works.