Punctal Plugs

Punctal Plugs are literally just that: plugs no bigger than a grain of rice inserted into your tear ducts to block excessive drainage causing dryness. This simple procedure is typically recommended when prescription and nonprescription eye drops aren’t effectively treating your symptoms. There are two types of punctal plugs we use at Dry Eye Institutes of America™ depending on your condition: Temporary and Permanent. Both are biocompatible with your body’s natural make up.

Punctal Plugs_2Temporary (Dissolvable) Plugs are inserted into the lower eyelids, and in some cases the upper eyelids. Temporary punctal plugs are designed to temporarily block drainage and increase tear production. They are temporary and dissolvable because not every patient is a candidate for permanent plugs. This allows us to measure tear production to determine if permanent plugs would be beneficial. If not, we offer temporary plugs which have been proven effective for longer-lasting results.

Permanent Plugs are non-dissolvable and usually made of silicone. If temporary plugs are proven effective and the patient is a candidate, permanent plugs are often inserted. Patients with particularly bothersome Dry Eyes often discover this makes their eyes feel more comfortable and reduces the need for artificial tears.

Which Dry Eye Treatment Is Best? This depends on your condition and diagnosis. Our specialty doctors can pinpoint the advantages of one or more treatments related to your condition, as well as help you understand why a treatment is prescribed and how it works.