Treatment Options


Dry Eyes was once considered little more than a minor nuisance. Standard lubricating eye drops were commonly prescribed but provided only temporary relief. Research in recent years has revealed that Dry Eyes is far more complex to treat than originally thought.

At Dry Eye Institutes of America™ we realized this early on. Which is why we’ve developed a series of treatment protocols that can be customized to your specific condition. Your doctor will design the most appropriate treatment plan for you. We make it easy to follow, use only proven treatment options, and carefully manage your treatment to ensure optimum day-to-day relief of your symptoms.

Artificial Tear Drops, Ointments & Gels  Learn More
Artificial tears are a common very effective treatment, and there are many types we can prescribe depending on your severity. Ointments, gels and viscous (thick) artificial tears are primarily prescribed for night time use. This is because they adhere better to your eyes and allow you to remain functional during the day.

LipiFlow  Learn More
LipiFlow is a medical device designed for treating Evaporative Dry Eye. The most common type of Dry Eye Disease, Evaporative Dry Eye happens when your tears unnaturally evaporate due to inflammation of the meibomian glands. With minimal or no discomfort, gentle pressure and controlled warmth are applied to unclog the blocked glands and help prevent evaporation.

Prescription Medications & Nutraceuticals  Learn More
Depending on your condition, our doctors may recommend oral or ophthalmic medications and proven nutraceuticals. In some cases, we may recommend in-home remedies (like warm compresses) to coincide with other treatments.

Smiling GirlRestasis is currently the only FDA approved eye drop that helps the eye increase its own tear production. Mild Ophthalmic Steroids may be prescribed to reduce inflammation and enhance overall results. Oral Medications such as antibiotics are prescribed to treat a variety of symptoms. Nutraceuticals, such as omega-3 or a combination of omega-3 and omega-6 supplements, can also be effective.

Punctal Plugs  Learn More
You have tear ducts in your upper and lower eyelids with tiny openings, called Lacrimal Puncta, which drain tears from your eye. Too much drainage means that your eyes aren’t getting proper moisture, making them physically dry. Punctal plugs are inserted into your tear ducts to block this extra drainage, typically when prescription and nonprescription eye drops aren’t enough. 


Our doctors are careful to prescribe the most appropriate treatment specific to your Dry Eye condition. Regardless of the treatment we prescribe, you are kept fully informed and thoroughly cared for at every step.